Cape Coral residents could see rebate returns from Utility Extension Project


Property owners in Cape Coral where the southwest 6th and 7th area Utility Extension Project is taking place were happy to receive some extra money from a rebate this week.

The amount people received was based on the size of the property, but for an average lot in the city, you could be walking away with an extra $500.

For those who do live in the area, and didn’t receive a check, it could be because only those who paid in full for their assessments get a check in the mail.

Otherwise, you will still get a rebate, but it will deduct from what you currently owe the city.

Some Cape Coral citizens who did receive the check say they were pleasantly surprised when it came in the mail.

“Low and behold, 18 months later we get a magic check in the mail, it was kind of like a small lottery check. It’s enough to pay my teenage daughters car insurance for one month,” said Thomas Tipton.

Some construction on the UEP project has finished up, but there is still much more to be done. Staff say they expect the project to be completed by 2020.

The UEP says anyone with questions can call Customer Billing Services at 239-574-0835.

North 2 Utilities Extension Project


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