Car insurance coverage check – an essential exercise


This should be quite common in almost all the regions across the world. If you are driving a vehicle, you should have a minimum insurance liability. Unless you do have it, you cannot drive the car – at least legally! How to check car insurance coverage? The tips here should be helpful enough in making the right decision.

How to check your car insurance coverage?

There are times when you are not aware of whether your car has insurance coverage or not. Whether you have a claim to make or not, it is much essential for you to check your insurance coverage. But how to check car insurance coverage is a huge issue, and most of the drivers are not aware of how to check it. There are several ways you can check your car insurance coverage.

Check with the car owner

If you are a car operator or driver, it is your responsibility by law to check if you have the necessary car insurance coverage. The best possible option will be to ask the owner of the car – if you are not the owner yourself. You can check with the car owner and find if the car insurance coverage is still valid. Even if it has expired, the document will let you know the details of the policy number, the insurance company and the other details.

From the finance companies

If the car is under finance, you should be sure that the car insurance coverage is still valid. The car finance companies make it compulsory for the vehicle owners to have appropriate insurance coverage. If the vehicle registration document has any kind of Lien Holder section, it would be indicative of the fact that the car insurance coverage is still valid and has not lapsed. You can even approach the concerned finance company to know about the actual status of financing.

Get a new Insurance Quote

How to check your car insurance coverage and know whether it has lapsed? The best option to achieve this would be to get yourself a new insurance quote. Insurance agencies do a clue check to find about the previous insurance provider for the vehicle. This will also include information on whether the concerned policy has lapsed. This is actually called a CLUE report. However, do note that the CLUE report may not work in every case.

Check with the Secretary of State Offices

Secretary of state services (or any other relevant statutory body in your region) can have the necessary information. Approach the service or statutory body and let them know your situation. They should be able to help you out with the issue.
Forgetting about your car insurance coverage need not be something you would need to be ashamed of. There can be several reasons you may not remember your car insurance coverage. But, how to check car insurance coverage? That, in fact, would be a huge task and can be quite a difficult task to find the information about. We would just assume that the tips shared above should help you find the car insurance coverage you may or may not have.

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