GEICO’s Zero Tolerance for Fraud Continues, Leading to the Filing of Another RICO Lawsuit in Florida


WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following several lawsuits in Arizona, GEICO has filed another federal
lawsuit in Florida alleging an auto glass repair shop submitted
fraudulent glass repair bills. GEICO seeks to recover damages under
Civil RICO statutes, as well as for fraud.

GEICO alleges that its customers’ signatures were forged on invoices
submitted to GEICO for repairs by Shazam Auto Glass, LLC. GEICO also
alleges that Shazam Auto Glass, LLC falsified claims information, billed
for unnecessary repairs and billed for repairs that were never performed.

GEICO says it intends to file future lawsuits in Florida and around the
country in its continuing efforts to protect its customers and the
public from fraudulent glass repair operators.

“GEICO is committed to protecting our customers from the negative effect
that insurance fraud has on premiums,” said Tara Carthew, assistant vice
president of claims in GEICO’s Lakeland, Florida, office. “These
incidents of fraud hurt consumers in Florida because they cause premiums
to increase, and we continue to pursue them with a zero tolerance.”

Carthew went on to say that GEICO has a long history of seeking out
individuals and companies willing to commit fraud.

GEICO filed its case – Government Employees Insurance Company, et al.
v. Shazam Auto Glass, LLC, et. al. –
in the U.S. District Court for
the Middle District of Florida. GEICO also seeks a declaration that any
pending claims are not owed. GEICO is represented by Barry Levy and Max
Gershenoff, of Rivkin Radler LLP and John P. Marino, Lindsey R. Trowell
and Kristen L, Wenger, of Smith, Gambrel & Russell, LLP.


(Government Employees Insurance Company), the second-largest auto
insurer in the U.S., was founded in 1936 and insures more than 28
million vehicles.

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