Insurance company not helping couple after car caught on fire in Fort Myers

“I was freaking out,” Coley said. “I didn’t know if she was out, if she had been in the car.”

Luckily she wasn’t, and when Coley got there, firefighters had already put out the estimated four-foot flames, leaving him and his girlfriend to pick up the pieces.

“Her paperwork was inside the glovebox so we couldn’t actually see all of the information we needed if we had tow coverage, if we had rental car coverage,” Coley said.

So they called their insurance company Progressive to get the ball rolling on making a claim, only to be told the system is down.

Coley said the Progressive rep took down their information, and they still haven’t heard back.

“It’s incredibly frustrating,” he said. “She has to go back to work tomorrow. Obviously we have to get her a ride or a rental car, things that you think your insurance company is going to help you with.”

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