Red Shield announces scalable auto insurance


Red Shield Protection has announced that it is offering scalable auto insurance policies that give drivers more flexibility over coverage and rates.

The insurer has sorted its auto protection plans into three basic programs. The first two programs provide coverage to vehicles according to mileage, from below 100,000 miles to 100,000 miles and above, with options to cover some or all the parts and components that are not specified in the car warranty. Customers can manage their insurance premiums according to their chosen options. Meanwhile, a third program is designed to give car owners an option to take short-term contracts for their vehicles.

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According to the insurer, these programs were developed to ensure maximum coverage for its clients’ vehicles – and all plans cover limits of liability of up to $12,500 or the actual cash value, depending on which cost is greater.

Red Shield also has a protection plan for motorcycles that it says takes into consideration that motorcycles tend to suffer more abuse than cars. The insurer designed cover for all components and parts outside of the warranty, except for a very few select items specified in the service contract.

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