Veteran’s car stolen from 7-Eleven parking lot in Yukon


YUKON, Okla. – A veteran’s only form of transportation is gone.

Greg Hall says while he was inside of the 7-Eleven in Yukon off Mustang Road it was stolen.

But, Hall didn’t let the thief get away without putting up a fight.

“As I was driving up, I saw a suspicious guy just walk right in front of my vehicle, making eye contact with me, he was acting really strange,” said Griffin Mouse, a witness.

Mouse parked right next to Hall at 7-Eleven and noticed a man walking by that was up to no good.

“He went around my car and was looking at my car seeing if he could get in, if I left my car keys in there,” said Mouse.

But, when he came out of the store, the man was inside of another person’s car attempting to drive away.

“The owner of the car was right in front of me and he went sprinting, jumped on the car, jumped on the driver side door and held onto him and basically rode the car for about 20 to 30 feet and fell off,” said Mouse.

The thief took off in Hall’s 2000 Mercury Cougar going south on Mustang Road

Thankfully, Mouse got a good look at the suspect.

“He was probably about 5’10, white male, really skinny in the face, a little bit of peach fuzz,” said Mouse. “Had a ball cap and a beanie on his head.”

Hall was left scraped up and devastated.

Mouse says helping Hall was the least he could do for the former Senior Airman First Class.

But, he hopes the thief comes forward and returns the car.

“All sins are forgivable, I believe, but I think the right thing, hopefully his conscious comes in, does the right thing, especially for someone that has done something for our country,” said Mouse.

Hall’s iPhone was also in the car when it was stolen, and they have been able to track it.

It was last pinged at SW 59th and SW 74th.

If you’ve seen the car or have information about the theft, call police.


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