Celebrity men who look better with age


The years have been very kind to some celebrities – who just keep getting more attractive the older they get. From the likes of Hollywood movie royalty George Clooney to our very own Tom Hardy and Daniel Craig, they are all proof that another candle on the birthday cake is far from a bad thing. Not only have their looks blossomed but their acting careers have too. Of course, we’re not saying that their good looks have led to better roles, but it certainly hasn’t hindered their careers either – some stars on our list have even been nominated for an Oscar, the most coveted recognition of an outstanding performance in Hollywood, while others have even gone on to win one. Keep scrolling to see celebrity men who look better with age…

George Clooney

George Clooney made women swoon when he first burst onto the Hollywood scene in the 80s. But who knew the once-eternal bachelor would only get better with age? With a dapper dress sense, a neater haircut and trimmed eyebrows, the big-screen star has managed to look far more dashing than he did decades ago.

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