Melvin George delivers a ‘cool’ evening of comedy on Long Island (Includes first-hand account)

Eric Haft served as the emcee and host of the night, and Dennis Rooney also warmed up the stage for Melvin George.

Throughout his respected career in entertainment, George has opened for such esteemed entertainers as Patti LaBelle and Smokey Robinson. He is affectionately known as the “King of Smooth” and rightfully so.

As he opened his set, George expressed his appreciation to the “beverage technicians” and “alcoholic engineers” that were serving the crowd tonight. He offered some advice to the audience and that was to “laugh long,” which will enable everybody to have a “good time.”

He shared that he is originally from Boston, but lives in New York in a “penthouse on street level,” and noted that the rest of his apartment building is underground. He also added that he is “not cool,” hence his email address, and he complimented the Bellmore audience for being “diverse,” which involved “many shades of white.”

George underscored that his goal tonight was to spread “love” in front of an audience of strangers. “I am not bitter,” he admitted.

He acknowledged that he loves to end conversations that he is not a part of, and he poked fun at the National Guard, thinking he was one person, and he subsequently made fun about the concept of aging and getting old (where his joints hurt). The joke that garnered the greatest response was when he was pulled over by a cop for speeding.

The veteran comedian feels that the periodic table (in Chemistry) should incorporate two more elements, “OMG and OMFG” respectively, in an effort to address the element of surprise.

The Verdict

Overall, Melvin George was able to put on a memorable and solid show at The Brokerage in Bellmore. It is safe to say that Melvin George was more than “cool” tonight at this Long Island venue. He interacted well with the audience, and they thoroughly enjoyed him in return. His comedic set garnered 4.5 out of 5 stars.

For more information on the “King of Smooth” Melvin George, follow him on Twitter.

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