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What the Beatles are to young teenegers, Barbie is to their preteen sisters. The 11 1/2-inch doll, born five years ago as a fashionable teenager, grew quickly from a toy to a personality. Her fan mail runs to about 40,000 letters a week. There’s a fast growing fan club, which was formed in August, 1963, and recently passed 306,000 members, and a magazine. Like the Beatles, Barbie inflnences her fans fashions and hairdos, and their attitudes. The magazine emphasizes good taste, good grooming, and helpfulness, discourages cosmetics in preteen and early teen years, elaborate hair styles, and serious dating through high school. Barbie has an extensive wardrobe, but many of her fans make clothes for her themselves. Shown are members of a fan club chapter in Brooklyn, N.Y., preparing to give a Barbie fashion show, April 1, 1964. (AP Photo)

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