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These F-84 thunderjet pilots are jubilant after returning to base of 27th fighter escort group in Japan on April 16, 1951, after mission over Korea in which more than 30 enemy planes were hit. From left (won wing) are: Lt. Alton A. Pendleton, Hamilton, Tex.; and Harry B. Monsell, 1421 Coty, Shreveport, Va.; and (standing): Lt. Guy B. Razetto, 4157 Landis St., San Diego, Calif.; Capt. Floyd A. Murdock, 102 E. George Mason Rd., Falls Church, Va.; Capt. Wendal D. Oldham, Poala, Kas.; Capt. Claude D. Phillips, Sudan, Texas; Lt. Eldon R. Mathis, Rule, Texas; Capt. James I. Gillam, 1523 sixth St., Santa Monica, Calif.; and Capt. Lloyd C. Edwards, 6000 Woodview Rd., Austin, Texas. (AP Photo)

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