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Motion picture stars who came to Washington DC, Jan 30, 1940 to assist in the series of balls in observance of the president’s 58th birthday and to help raise funds to fight infantile paralysis. Standing, left, to right: Liet. James Totten, Mrs. F.H. Schoonover, Melvin Hazen; Red Skeleton, Kay Kyser, Tyrone Power, Mickey Rooney, Pat O’Brien, Charles Pettijohn, Walter O’Keefe, George Allen, Gene Autry, Liet. James Mareau, Leit. J.L. Phares, R.B. Keach, Cartain Hill. Front tow, left to right: Elsa Lanchester, Edward Everett Horton, Mrs. James Cagney, Mrs Pat O’Brien, Gloria Jean, Brenda Joyce, Edward G. Robinson, Olivia De Havilland, Ona Munson, James Cagney, Mary Howard. (AP Photo)

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