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Lala Kent’s fans are blasting her for appearing to have had lip and facial filler work done recently. We’ve got details on how they’re begging the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star to go back to her natural look.

Lala Kent’s face is looking different than it did just a month ago and fans have taken notice….and not in a good way. She has admitted to getting botox injections as well as lip and facial fillers in the past and later regretting it, but people are calling her out for overdoing it recently at the dermatologist’s office. The 29-year-old Vanderpump Rules posted a photo to her Instagram with fiance Randall Emmett and had to disable the comments because of haters. The 47-year-old film producer posted the same photo to his page and now Lala’s fans are going there to call her out for allegedly having too much work done to her swollen” face.

“STOP WITH ALL THE BOTOX & FILLERS!!!! You are gorgeous on your own,” one person wrote on Randall’s March 15 selfie next to his reality star sweetheart. “This is exactly why young girls should not be doing fillers and Botox because this is what happens – she was absolutely perfect and needed absolutely nothing – sad,” another person added. Another wrote that they had just watched the most recent VP Rules episode and claimed she now looks nothing like she did when the last season taped.

“@lalakent You are so beautiful so why are you injecting your face? You don’t need it at all. You look swollen on this picture, be careful,” one fan warned the Bravo star. “Ummm why? You were beautiful just the way you were. Please slow down on the ‘work’ ughh,” another begged. During an Aug. of 2018 Instagram stories ask me anything, a fan wondered how many times she’d had her lips done. Lala replied, “I had my lips injected only one time because the pain was unbearable and that was over a year ago and I feel like it’s still stayed the same. But, dude, no. Needles in my lips is like excruciating.” Now fans think she’s changed her mind and had her pout plumped recently.

For now Lala’s s not allowing comments on her own IG photos with the exception being an ad for a weight loss tea, and fans flooded that with comments about her face.”Okay what happened. Babe stop with the fillers. You were SOOO BEAUTIFUL but now you look swollen. Please lighten up on them. GET YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE BACK,” one fan begged Lala while another told her “No more lip fillers girl! You are so gorgeous naturally! It’s aging you and making you look puffy.”

Lala admitted in a Bravo lookbook interview in March of 2017 that she’s had botox and fillers done all over her face but wanted to stop because she read all the negative comments and it got to her. “I want to stop with the lips, I want to stop with the fillers. Enough is enough. I’m starting to look at the comments and compare photos. I’m not about it anymore. It does wear off. It only lasts for six months,” she revealed.

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