Kristin Chenoweth Plastic Surgery Makeover Exposed By Top Docs


Kristin Chenoweth appeared at the 2019 Tony Awards in New York City with a noticeably stretched face and has spoken exclusively to several of the nation’s leading plastic surgeons to find out exactly what she might have had done!

After viewing a series of photos of Chenoweth from over the course of the past five years, America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn, believes she’s been injected with an ample amount of Botox!

Although Dr. Youn has not treated the singer/actress, he told Radar, “I believe that Kristin may have had a lot of Botox injections to smooth the lines of her face!”

“In addition, Kristin appears to have had “injectable fillers to plump her cheeks and possibly her lips, and multiple skin treatments to give her the smooth, nice skin that she has,” Dr. Youn added.

Dr. Dennis Schimpf, M.D., agreed with Dr. Youn in that Chenoweth is a fan of the fillers!

“Kristin has a more youthful inverted V appearance to her midface and cheek region do to use of fillers,” Dr. Schimpf, who has also not treated Chenoweth, added.

“With aging, the face tends to descend and get wider at the base or the jowls. Filler lifts the cheeks up and restores a more youthful roundness to the face and makes the lower face look more narrow sleek,” he told Radar, adding, “Kristin’s lips appear fuller and more plump as well, likely due to her use of filler.”

But according to Dr. Schimpf, it isn’t only Botox and fillers that Chenoweth has used to give her back a youthful appearance!

Click through 7 shockingly transformative photos of the famed Broadway actress to find out what else she’s had done to her ever-changing face!

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