NKU men’s basketball team doctor explains how he helps keep players in the game


HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. (WKRC) – The Northern Kentucky University men’s basketball team is now the Horizon League champions after a win Tuesday night against Wright State 77 to 66.

As they head to the NCAA tournament now for the second time in the past three years, a local orthopaedic surgeon is doing everything possible to help keep them in the game.

It was just another day at the office Wednesday for orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Forest Heis, but Tuesday night, he represented Orthocincy as part of the winning NKU men’s basketball team. He’s the team doctor for them.

The team is not only tough and physical, they are at constant risk for injury.

“Last night, we had a guy that got a knee cap to knee cap hit, which turns out to be very painful, but you can shake that off and get back into the game, but we address injuries as they come up, both in practice and in the games,” Dr. Heis. “The worst things that we worry about are knee problems, and the one you always worry about is an ACL, or the anterior cruciate ligament.”

Dr. Heis was raised in the Tri-State and has practiced here for years, but he admits he did his orthopaedic residency at Duke University.

He says from endurance struggles to dehydration, his job is to anticipate what can go wrong before it does to keep the players in play.

“They get a water bottle every time they come out, so hydration is a major part of helping keeping muscles from cramping,” said Dr. Heis.

And while the larger muscle groups can alter a season, the smaller ones too can impact a game.

“Earlier this season, we had one of our players who dislocated his finger at the game. Coach didn’t like that very much, nobody did. Didn’t look so great, but that’s one of those things we can actually fix right there, either right on the court or in the training room,” Dr. Heis said.

Dr. Heis has been the NKU team doctor for 16 years and he says this year the team is healthy and excited.

And just in case you are wondering, I had to ask:

Liz Bonis: Just who do you root for when Duke plays [UK]?

Dr. Heis: I’ll plead the fifth on that.

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