Seizure clinic offers convenience, answers & hope


FRANKLIN — “July 13 of last year was the first seizure I’d ever had.”

Macon County resident Cynthia Clark was referred to the new seizure clinic at Angel Medical Center in Franklin.

“From the time we started developing the epilepsy center at mission four years ago, it was a top priority for us to serve people with seizures and epilepsy across all of Western North Carolina,” said Dr. Suzette LaRoche, a neurologist.

“It’s awesome!” Clark said of the satellite center. “To me, it’s awesome; I don’t have to drive two hours to see my doctor when she’ll come here to see me.”

A recording shows that Clark underwent an EEG to monitor brain activity.

The EEG from start to finish takes about an hour.

The strobe light is part of it.

Once the test is over, the doctor meets with the patient for about 45 minutes.

“There’s an abnormality right here — on the left side of the brain — where the brain waves are little slower than everywhere else on the page,” LaRoche explained to Clark.

Clark’s epilepsy diagnosis has been completely controlled with medication.

“On a day-to-day basis, are you able to do what you want to do? ” News 13 asked Clark.

“Yes,” she replied. “I feel wonderful.”

… and even better now that she can put this behind her.

In Franklin, Jay Siltzer News 13.

The clinic sees patients one day per month.

Much of the equipment in it was paid for by the Angel Medical Center Foundation.

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