NL East Notes: Phillies, Moose, Marlins, Alfaro, Braves, Brantley


If Chicago adds Sanchez, instead of Chatwood, then not only would they have money freed up this year, but Sanchez would’ve given the Cubs the extra boost they needed to have a much more accomplished 2018 season..

Including the money, it just goes to show how each decision is so crucial to a team’s success. One move can be the difference between flaming out in the wild card round, and winning your division. It can be the difference between winning the divisional series, and getting bounced in the 1st round.

If anything, it only stresses the fact that the Phillips need to get the “right” starting third baseman.

Also, people are so quick to nullify the impact defense has on a team’s overall success..Well, look no further than inside the NL East to see how big of a role defense can play in deciding a division race. Because of their lackluster, and sometimes simply atrocious defense, the Phillies ended up losing out on the NL East last season. This was also while it was the Braves fundamentally sound and significantly improved defense that was their driving force behind their emergence and their ultimate division leading record.

The Phillips have done a much better job improving their defense this off-season, but if it comes down to two similarly profiled bats, I’m always going to take the player that is the more fundamentally sound defender. There were seemingly COUNTLESS games where a badly timed error, or poor defensive play, cost the Philles a win last season….On the other hand, there were seemingly countless times, where a timely Inciarte diving catch, Swanson and Albies excellently turned DP, or a Braves player made a ranging play to end up saving them a run or two, and it truly ended up being the difference in a win or a loss..Off the top of my head, I can immediately recall at least 6-7 games where the cause and effect of a quality defensive play directly correlated to a Braves W..Now, think what if the braves hadn’t made those timely plays, and lost those games..It’s very likely those handful of plays won the Braves the division. Now, there’s quite obviously other factors that helped lead the Braves turnaround charge..However, their biggest difference from 2017-2018 was the improvement in their defense..

So, before you consider thinking you’re okay with playing multiple bad defenders, the Phillies already have one in Hoskins, you might want to consider the actual risk of having multiple below average defenders in your everyday starting line-up..Eapecially, when your team is quite easily able to acquire a better option. For me, the ONLY time a players defense isn’t as big of an issue, is in a case similar to Hoskins, where their offense is so superior, that your team can afford to have his bad glove in the field..But yeah, other then that, I’m always taking the better defender, even if his bat is slightly below “option A’s”…

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