Rumors to the contrary, city offered no incentives to Starbucks | Business


Council Bluffs Mayor Matt Walsh said Tuesday there is absolutely no truth to rumors that the city of Council Bluffs offered Starbucks “incentives” to open a new facility on West Broadway at 26th Street.

“Like many rumors regarding West Broadway, this one is patently false,” Walsh said.

As the City Council debated — then approved — the addition of a West Broadway median that would block access to the Starbucks location for eastbound traffic, Council Bluffs attorney Deborah Petersen, who represented the firm building the facility that will be leased to Starbucks, said addition of the median to the West Broadway plan could quell Starbuck’s interest in the location.

Walsh said representatives of the company building the facility asked if the city would consider paying Starbucks’ rent while the street work was being completed, but that request was denied.

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“There were no incentives requested by Starbucks, nor has there been any ‘nondisclosure agreement’ regarding any such request,” Walsh said.

“I always anticipated (Starbucks) would come,” he said. “They are on the breakfast side of the street (the north side of West Broadway) for those commuting to work in Omaha. We think they will be very successful in that location.”

Starbucks is expected to open sometime this winter and will employ 20 to 25 associates.

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